Career Opportunities

Teams, Teams, Teams!!!

When putting two or more heads together, better results can be achieved than if tackled solo. This is why we focus on teamwork in all aspects of our business from sales and marketing, and eventually into management.

Worldwide Support

We have an unlimited amount of support and knowledge at our disposal. This enables us to have the solution to almost any situation that can arise.

Professional Representation

We are dedicated to 100% professionalism on any given day. You will find that our representatives are courteous, professional, and committed to customer satisfaction.

Hands-on Training

Using our hands-on training philosophy, we are able to ensure that all of our representatives are fully trained in all aspects of our company. Consistency is above all the most important factor when it comes to training and developing our representatives.

Synergie has developed a successful training program that is designed to produce the highest quality managers for the national accounts of new and existing clients. As we continue to grow so does our need for these leaders in our business. The management training program is comprised of four different stages of development:

  • Entry Level Marketing Representative
  • Training Manager
  • Assistant Manager
  • National Manager

We take a mentorship style approach where individuals are taught through applied learning concepts in all realms of marketing and management. Some areas of training include public relations, campaign management, lead generation promotions, client representation, and leadership development. All of our in-office and on-site training takes place in an energetic and dynamic work environment in order to foster each individual's goals and achievements. We focus on training individuals in a comprehensive but accelerated pace in order to keep up with our growth and expansion needs.